Case Study: Tampa Triumph

Tia Robinson | 12/04/2018

Tampa Triumph is the first and only flagship Triumph store in the state of Florida. The Tampa Triumph project represents a significant and major investment in the future of the Tampa dealership group (including sister store, Florida Fun Bike Center).  Triumph is a niched brand with passionate customers inside of a passion-based industry.  But, since Triumph represents a small (but growing) section of the overall market share, it’s critical that every dollar invested in the Triumph-only dealership is generating a quantifiable ROI.

Owners, Nick & Elliot Dorsch, have been investing in a Google Ads campaign for their Tampa Triumph location since earlier in 2018.  However, they’ve recently launched their new Firestorm Website for this dealership as well.  They wanted to ensure they drove targeted traffic to their site and had the highest quality leads from those website visitors.

By having a Firestorm Website, they are able to take advantage of the Onboarded Customer data (a propriety feature that lets them see which pages their customers are currently visiting on their website – even if those customers didn’t fill out a form).  But, their new website is built for better conversions also, meaning more folks are filling out forms, too.  By combing Google Ads (to drive traffic) with Firestorm Onboarding (that tells you who is looking at your inventory pages) and a Firestorm Website (that provides better quality leads than any other website provider in the industry), Tampa Triumph is creating a trifecta of quantifiable ROI.

In August & September 2018, Tampa Triumph had a conversion rate of 2% in their Google Ads campaign.  This means that, of all the folks that clicked on their Pay-Per-Click Search ad on Google, 2% of those people converted (called the dealership or filled out a lead form).

A 2% conversion rate is in the normal-to-good range for a Google Ads campaign. But was a lower performer compared to the average 4-5% conversion rate that most PSM clients typically see from their Google Search campaigns.
However, after launching their new Firestorm Website at the end of September, the conversion rate has skyrocketed to an average of 15% for October & November 2018!  Woah!  The only significant change to the Google Ads campaign was the quality of the site that it directed traffic to.  And the best part is that there are still over 500 customers that have also browsed their website, who the dealership can also connect with even though they may not have filled out a form.

Does your Google Ads campaign generate a 15% conversion rate?  If not, want to see how Firestorm Websites made such a significant improvement in the ROI of a great Google Ads campaign.  Give us a call today to schedule a FREE Demo of the Firestorm Website platform or to learn more about how our Digital Marketing Specialists can generate incredible conversions for your Google Ads campaign: 877-242-4472 or visit us online at


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