A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Rod Stuckey | 02/04/2020

I’m excited about a new feature we’ve added to our Firestorm Website platform. This is truly an industry first. Have you ever noticed how every dealer’s service department web page is pretty much the same? Typically, you’ll see a service appointment request form and a little ad copy about the state-of-the-art facility and certified techs, etc. That’s pretty much all we’ve had on our client’s Firestorm websites as well, but not for long. We’ve just released a new beta product for Service
“before and after” Jobs.

Here’s how it works.

A cruiser customer comes in and wants to have a windshield and saddlebags installed. Your service advisor (or tech) snaps a quick “before” the work photo with his phone. The work is then performed and an “after” photo is taken. Now before you say, “My service guys won’t do that!” stay with me. Utilizing our Reviews and Rankings app on a mobile device here’s what happens:

• The customer receives a text and/or email with the “before & after” photos, thanking them for their business.
• The customer receives a text and/or email with an invitation to leave an online review.
• The before and after photos are automatically posted to your dealership’s Facebook page.
• The before and after photos, with SEO rich content are added to the Service Department page of your dealership’s website.

I’ve spent many years running dealerships, so I never underestimate just how hard it is to implement best practices. As a Dealer Principal, I’d always ask myself, “Is this a hill I wanna die on?” And inevitably the answer to that questions lies in what are going to be the benefits of successful execution and how will it make the dealership more money.

So, consider these benefits:

  • Sending a customer photos of work performed with a “thanks for your business” message creates a premium experience which is excellent for CSI scores.
  • 95% of buyers read online reviews prior to making a major purchase.* Reviews boost your websites SEO big time, and the recency and frequency of those reviews are very important.
  • There are additional SEO benefits as you can easily input the customer’s location and work performed, which will show on your dealership’s service page, giving you an ongoing system for generating quality search engine friendly content.
  • As your customers photos are posted to your dealership’s website, Facebook page and review sites through our app, you create web-based “Social Proof” and multiply your overall reach to prospective customers and dramatically increase online visibility.

By the way, this is the same marketing automation app that allows you to take photos with purchase of your customers and send them a “Congratulations” text and email on their new bike, and post that to your Facebook page. Think about fitness ads & infomercials. It’s all about testimonials and before and after photos because there is no more compelling content for a business than social proof. A picture really is worth a thousand words. If you sell 100 units a month and every customer had 100 Facebook friends to share their photo with, you could be increasing online visibility to 120,000 more friends and family of riders each year.

But… back to implementation.  This will not be an “easy button” install with your staff, rarely anything new ever is, right? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Start by sharing the “why” and the benefits. Let techs and advisors know they personally can earn reviews and be featured on your dealership’s leaderboard. Everyone likes a little recognition.
  • Take the roll-out seriously by covering in a manager meeting and store-wide meeting. Create a contest with prices or spiffs for the staff member who sends the most photos with review invitations to customers.
  • Inspect what you expect. Login to the system and view the leaderboard and set goals for team members and cover in regular staff meetings.
  • Utilize the tool of repetitive communication by sending email reminders and provide friendly verbal reminders.
  • Regularly reward and recognize publicly your highest performers.

To see this app live in action go to:


This new feature is now live and we’re looking for a few progressive Firestorm Website dealers who wanna try it out. Give us a call at 877-242-4472 or email us at if you’d like to participate in our beta group.

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