Nobody Likes to Be Sold, But Everyone Likes to Buy!

Rod Stuckey | 05/04/2018

 There’s no doubt that having a sales process and trained staff in your new and used departments will result in selling more units. However, the best sales techniques on the planet are useless if the buyer doesn’t want to buy. This is why understanding buying motives is equally as important, if not more, than top notch sales skills.


The reality is buying a motorcycle, RV, boat, etc. is an emotional purchase, not a logical one. This is why the intent of all of your dealerships marketing should be to “trigger” the emotions that lead to “wanting to own” rather than the “defensive logic” of not wanting to be sold. 


Month in and month out in this newsletter we talk about our “Predictiable Growth” formula which is to “touch” your Buying Base 52 to 104 times per year. This may sound pretty simple but  it can easily be botched up with the wrong approach. For example, if every time I receive a message from you, regardless of the media, it is always “Hey you, wanna buy a bike, lets do a deal, I wanna sell you….”  then which emotion are you triggering, wanting to own or not wanting to be sold?


Just as a reminder, we define your Buying Base with two groups of customers/prospects. Customers, who are already in your database because they have done business in the past, and prospects who are not in your database, but live in your market area and have an interest in the products you sell, but have not done business with you in the past. You don’t own those customers in your database, they are only rented, and the rent is due every month. BUT…. They are the most likely people to give you money in the future if you continue to “trigger” their emotions of “wanting to own”.  That second group, the prospects who haven’t done business with you are a little more expensive to get into the dealership, but still a solid target audience to allocate budget to, if you do it the right way.


So let’s look at two pretend Dealer Principals with two different approaches to their annual marketing plan. Both are astute dealers and create an annual plan of attack rather than being completley reactive month in and month out. They are both experienced and have wasted hundreds of thousands on mass media like radio and TV and now believe direct marketing clearly provides the best bang for the buck. They also both buy into going after their Buying Base to “touch” them 52 to 104 times per year. 


There is only one main difference in their marketing approach, the message. Dealer one is all about “Moving the Metal”. His direct mail, email, facebook, etc. is all about finance special offers, best trade in value, factory rebates, low price guarantee, and meeting monthly goals, every single month. 


Dealer two on the other hand creates a “Reason to Visit his Dealership (and Website)” every single month by hitching his wagon to the time of year. In January he does a “Resolve to Ride” campaign, in February it’s a “Cabin Fever Reliever” theme, in March it’s “Spring is in the Air” in April it’s “April Showers Bring May Horsepower” and so on. You get the idea. In most of his marketing he’s sending an invitiation to his Buying Base to come into the dealership for a party they are having with Free Food, Drinks, Door Prizes, and more. He also offers a Free widget to customers who will go to a landing page and share what’s on their mind this time of year. AKA... what they would “like to own”.


Dealer 1 is only generating quantifiable leads from those who raise their hands and say they are in the market to buy today (low funnel) and are ready to negotiate. Usually less than 1% of your list. Dealer 2 is generating leads from those who are just sharing what they are interested in owning for any department in the dealership. Sure, many of these leads are higher up in the funnel, but he also picks up all of the same low funnel leads that Dealer 1 is getting, but those leads are not as focused on price. So, Dealer 2 has a much larger list of leads to follow up with, creating a month long sales process. Bolt this to the event he has each month, and he is constantly “triggering” the emotion of wanting to own. Furthermore, everyone loves to be invited to a party, and even those who don’t respond or come to Dealer 2’s event, feel an affinity towards that dealer, and when the time comes they will recipricate. 


Gitomer defines it like this: “The head is attached to the price, and the heart is attached to the wallet. If I pull on the heartstring, the wallet will pop out of the back pocket, and the only thing that can stop it is logic.”


It’s officially riding season, and there is no better time of year than right now to execute the above outlined strategy, so you can sell more units and make more money. Contact us today at  877-242-4472 to learn more or visit us online at

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