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PSM Marketing | 06/21/2016




Show you patriotism and gratitude for the men and women who protect our great country by celebrating in their honor at your dealership next month.


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The Strength of the Foundation Determines How High the Skyscraper Can Rise



"I wasted more money on lame advertising that didn’t work than I care to admit. And often times, I was throwing away tens of thousands of dollars, and then sweating when the floor checker showed up asking for a hefty check. Those are the experiences that make you truly disgusted with any wasted cash outflow, and left searching for answers."


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ASK TORY: What's So Bad About Focusing Our Marketing On Creating New Riders?



"To put it bluntly, the biggest challenge with focusing your marketing on creating new riders is that you’ll get little to no response, and therefore little to no R.O.I.  Ultimately, you’ll simply be wasting your money instead of investing it. There is a way to create new riders, but it’s not directly through marketing, believe it or not. To prove a point, let me share a related story."


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Asking how much something costs is a natural question that's usually derived out of simple curiosity.  In fact, when most of us go shopping for something, don't we want to know how much it costs?  Of course we do!  So, when our customers ask about price it doesn't mean they are looking for our best deal; they're just curious, and there's no reason to invite unnecessary negotiations!


This month's Quick Takes video focuses on how to improve margins by staying off price on the showroom floor.


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