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PSM Marketing | 06/22/2016




This is the one holiday of the year that dads everywhere have permission to do whatever they want.  So, invite the dads in your market down to celebrate their special day with a Father's Day Party with a few hundred of their closest friends.


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The Ad Industry’s Dirty Little Secret


"Customers move away, some are stolen by competitors, and some die. These are just a few of the reasons for lost customers. Most dealers just accept these losses as inevitable and beyond their control. Heck some even blame those damn disloyal customers. The nerve of those ungrateful SOB’s. Few lost customers actually leave kicking and screaming, most gradually depart due to a lack of interest or affinity. They silently wander off with a feeling of apathy; we call these quiet migrators. ."


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Don’t Trust Me.


"I used to think that TV and radio were pretty disingenuous, and to be fair, I still think to a large extent that they are. They adopt a “spray and pray” mentality. You broadcast your message out into the world and hope for the best. And, while I believe that both media methods are EXTREMELY inefficient and ineffective for our niche, you can at least say they are up front about what they are doing."


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ASK TORY: What Are Your Thoughts on Branding Advertising?


"Many years ago, I heard a quote by Dan Kennedy, who is the direct marketing guru I often mention, and it’s really stuck to my ribs. He said, “Branding is for cattle.”


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Is Your Search Engine Marketing Pointing To A Lousy Web Site?


Rod's talked about the importance of having a good search engine marketing plan in place to drive customers to your website. But, have you stopped by your website lately to see if it's up to par? After all, it won't do you any good to have the best search engine marketing campaign in the world if it drives customers to a website that hasn't been updated since it was created.


This month, Rod is going to give some pointers about how to make sure your customers stick around on your web site instead of just breezing through and never coming back.


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