Case Study - Loess Hills Harley-Davidson®

Tia Robinson | 03/25/2016





Loess Hills Harley-Davidson® is more than a name.  It has a history as unique and resilient as the local landscape and the customers who are family to the Loess Hills H-D® team.  The dealership is founded in the interesting and deeply woven history of the local bluffs that were created by untamed forces, shaped by ancient winds, and left a connection that goes beyond just a single person in a single place.
The Loess Hill H-D® family represents a strength that has withstood the test of time.  And, one of the goals of Bill Fisher, the Inside Marketing Team Leader, is to make sure that the customers who have felt this strong connection have a way to share their thoughts with others who may not have had the chance to yet feel the difference of being part of the Loess Hills H-D® family.





Bill and the leadership team at Loess Hills H-D® met with Account Executive, Josh Rapplean, to review how the Local Web


Dominator program would give a voice to their customers through the review acquisition system.  They discovered that by linking up their DMS into the Local Web Dominator program, it makes the system for growing reviews from happy customers automatic and ongoing.   Plus, once their customers left a review on their custom review site 
(, they were then asked to share it on Google.  Again, automatically, so there are no awkward conversations done in the dealership or unique codes for customers to remember.  It’s just a quick, automated request that guides customers to quickly and easily share their review on the top ranked search engine in the world.






The results have been unprecedented. Bill linked up his Lightspeed account to his Local Web Dominator program.  Within the first two weeks, they received 127 positive reviews on their review site from very happy customers.


But, even better was that they grew their already pretty strong Google listing from 16 reviews with a 4.2 star rating to 55 reviews with a 4.6 star rating (at the time this article was written).  Y’all, that’s 39 new, authentic Google reviews in two weeks.  


This kind of success doesn’t just come from having a program that makes it easy for your happy customers to leave you a great review, but it also a testament to how well the Loess Hills Harley-Davidson® team treats their customers.  It’s a powerful combination of implementing a high quality S.Y.S.T.E.M. into a high quality team.


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